Programs at St. Mary Assumption Church

St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport, Louisiana Image:
St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport, Louisiana


Financial professional Andre Dobison serves as the regional vice president for Primerica Insurance in Alexandria, Louisiana. A member of the local Avoyel-Taensa Tribe/Nation, Andre Dobison belongs to St. Mary Assumption Church and its St. Martin de Porres group.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since the building’s hundredth-year anniversary in 1989, St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport, Louisiana, offers its parishioners a variety of youth and adult programs. The church welcomes newcomers as well and invites them to join any of its programs or events.

St. Mary Assumption Church’s adult and youth choirs require regular practice attendance, but other programs, such as the youth groups and prayer groups, will take drop-in members. Active organizations at the church include the Knights of Columbus’ St. Martin de Porres and Catholic Daughters of America. The church also offers a regular CCD program for education in the faith.

Other events take place at St. Mary Assumption Church throughout the year. These range from parish suppers and church fairs to Vacation Bible School. Church members also volunteer their time to distribute clothing and food to those in need.


Saints Quarterback to be Enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

New Orleans Saints pic
New Orleans Saints

An insurance professional and recipient of a Financial Independent Council Award, Andre Dobison has served as Primerica’s regional vice president for more than three decades. In his spare time, Andre Dobison enjoys following Louisiana sports teams, including the New Orleans Saints.

In August of 2016, New Orleans Saints quarterback Ken Stabler will join other notable professional football professionals in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The posthumous achievement was announced in February. Stabler’s class includes football veterans such as wide receiver Marvin Harrison, coach Tony Dungy, and owner Edward DeBartolo, Jr. The 2016 class, chosen by the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s selection committee, will be honored and remembered at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton.

Stabler started for the Saints during the 1982 and 1983 seasons. Under his guidance, the team was a contender for the playoffs and achieved an 8-8 win-loss record for only the second time in the franchise’s history. A recipient of the American Football Conference (AFC) Player of the Year award, Stabler earned a Super Bowl ring and led the league in completion percentage and passer rating during his career.

Red Cross Disaster Relief Techniques

Red Cross pic
Red Cross

One of the many ways Andre Dobison gives back to his community is through donations to local and national charitable organizations. A frequent supporter of the Red Cross, Andre Dobison primarily gives clothing and food to the national relief organization.

One of the largest programs the American Red Cross operates is its disaster relief initiative, which responds to tens of thousands of natural disasters each year. Some of the most common disasters are fires, storms, and transportation accidents. It uses mobile response vehicles, also called ERVs, to move food and supplies swiftly through areas affected by disasters and immediately provide support to those most in need.

For those displaced by disasters, the Red Cross also operates overnight shelters that give temporary residents hot meals and other forms of disaster support. Some forms of relief are smaller, such as basic toiletries and tools to help clean up disaster areas. All disaster relief assistance from the Red Cross is free and made available through the support of volunteers and donors.

Core Concepts Underpinning Primerica’s Financial Offerings

Primerica pic
Image: primerica

Based in Alexandria, Louisiana, Andre Dobison serves as regional vice president of Primerica, a company that he joined more than three decades ago. Andre Dobison was attracted by the promise of being able to work exactly as many hours as he chose and by the opportunity to assist families in gaining financial independence and becoming debt-free.

Primerica operates by a number of distinct concepts, including the “High Cost of Waiting,” which emphasizes the necessity of putting away significant savings each month in order to attain long-term retirement savings goals.

The “Theory of Decreasing Responsibility” involves the premise that family responsibilities and life insurance needs peak at the same time. During the years when children are young and mortgage payments present a heavy burden, many families have not yet accumulated large savings. For this reason, a sudden illness, accident, or injury can have a major financial impact. The moment when funds are tight and the family is young is exactly when insurance coverage is needed the most.

The Primerica website at explores other core concepts, including the “Rule of 72” and “Power of Compound Interest.”

The NBA New Orleans Pelicans’ History and Name

New Orleans Pelicans pic
New Orleans Pelicans

Andre Dobison is an Alexandria, Louisiana, resident who has held regional leadership responsibilities with Primerica for decades. An avid basketball fan, Andre Dobison is a longtime supporter of the New Orleans Pelicans. Formerly known as the Hornets, the Pelicans compete in the NBA Western Conference’s Southwest Division.

The team was relocated from Charlotte to New Orleans before the 2002-03 season by owner George Shinn and competed in Louisiana until 2005, when Hurricane Katrina caused a temporary relocation to Oklahoma City. Returning to the Big Easy for the 2007-2008 season, the team played as the Hornets for several seasons until Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan expressed interest in bringing the NBA name back to North Carolina.

The New Orleans franchise conceded the name before the 2013-14 season and selected Pelicans as a replacement. As Louisiana’s state bird, the pelican figures prominently on the state seal and flag. In announcing its decision, the team also brought attention to the pelican’s importance as a symbol representing the health of the state’s coastal wetlands and wildlife, which are being actively restored following the 2010 Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill.

Sassafras – A Key Resource of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe

Avoyel-Taensa Tribe pic
Avoyel-Taensa Tribe

As a regional vice president with Primerica in Alexandria, Louisiana, Andre Dobison offers families pathways to debt-free living. Active in his community, Andre Dobison believes in and follows the Constitution of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe/Nation of Louisiana.

When they migrated to Louisiana more than 10,000 years ago, the Avoyel-Taensa tribe of Native Americans settled in the rolling pine hills of Avoyelles Parish. As documented by a contemporary Avoyel-Taensa tribe member, one of the tribe’s most valuable traditional natural resources was the sassafras tree. A light, hardwood tree that grows as tall as 60 feet, sassafras has a variety of uses as a medicine, for cooking, and in creating fragrant household items.

The sassafras root was particularly prized, with young men of the tribe digging it up in the spring. After a thorough washing, the root was steeped in hot water and taken as a tonic for general health. The root could also be fermented as a form of wine or brewed with honey to make syrup. The leaves had an aromatic flavor that added seasoning to the traditional stew now known as gumbo. In addition, sassafras was a common aromatic used in candles and potpourris.

Laws and Economics of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe

Andre Dobison, regional vice president of Primerica Insurance, dedicates his professional time to helping families achieve financial independence. On a personal level, Andre Dobison lives by and believes in the Constitution of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe, also known as the Nation of Louisiana.

Said to have arisen from the earth in modern-day Louisiana, in a location where a lake now rests, the Avoyel-Taensa tribe traditionally lived as creators and traders of stone knife blades and arrowheads, though their trade did not expand beyond their own home territory until the coming of the Europeans. The tribe’s trade capacities also expanded as they obtained horses and other livestock, which they sold to French communities.

Traditionally, the tribe consisted of a number of clans each with its own chief. A single leader, known as the tribal chief, had overall authority over the clans and their individual leadership. Today, each clan sends a leader to the Tribal Council, which enacts and enforces tribal law among the clans. The council has also facilitated the development of a tribal constitution and by-laws, which all tribal members must obey. Individuals who diverge from the constitution must brought before the council for punishment.