Andre Dobison: the Constitution of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe/Nation of Louisiana

Louisiana insurance executive Andre Dobison follows and believes in the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe’s constitution.

Based in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe traces its origins back to ancient mound builders in the area now occupied by the town of Marksville. The tribe made contact with Europeans around 1700, and it appears regularly in European exploration accounts throughout the 18th century.

Today, the tribe has adopted a constitution to better serve its members. In its preamble, the constitution states ten goals:

1. To promote the tribe’s common good

2. To protect the tribe’s traditions and culture

3. To protect the tribe’s natural resources

4. To promote the welfare and health of the tribe’s people

5. To encourage the education of tribe members

6. To facilitate economic development

7. To protect its members’ rights as individuals

8. To acquire additional land to benefit the tribe

9. To maintain the tribe’s political integrity

10. To preserve, exercise, and secure the sovereign rights of an Indian tribe

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