The Avoyel-Taensa Tribe-Nation of Louisiana

Andre Dobison is a well-established insurance advisor, serving Primerica as the regional vice president for Alexandria, Louisiana. Andre Dobison works from a sizable portfolio of companies to arrive at the best possible policies for clients. For his efforts he receives a vacation trip every six months and has won the Financial Independent Council Award.

Dobison’s heritage includes membership in the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe-Nation of Louisiana, a group of Native Americans who first had contact with Europeans in 1699. Governing the tribe now is a constitution that advocates respect for the environment, protection of individual rights, and enhancement of educational offerings.

The tribe celebrates its culture with an annual one-day fall festival. At a recent gathering, after an opening prayer, tribal leaders and a guest speaker lectured on topics of importance, including the future of the tribe, as well as its history. One speaker wore traditional clothing as an illustration of tribal traditions. Several shops offered Native American-themed apparel and other gifts.