Laws and Economics of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe

Andre Dobison, regional vice president of Primerica Insurance, dedicates his professional time to helping families achieve financial independence. On a personal level, Andre Dobison lives by and believes in the Constitution of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe, also known as the Nation of Louisiana.

Said to have arisen from the earth in modern-day Louisiana, in a location where a lake now rests, the Avoyel-Taensa tribe traditionally lived as creators and traders of stone knife blades and arrowheads, though their trade did not expand beyond their own home territory until the coming of the Europeans. The tribe’s trade capacities also expanded as they obtained horses and other livestock, which they sold to French communities.

Traditionally, the tribe consisted of a number of clans each with its own chief. A single leader, known as the tribal chief, had overall authority over the clans and their individual leadership. Today, each clan sends a leader to the Tribal Council, which enacts and enforces tribal law among the clans. The council has also facilitated the development of a tribal constitution and by-laws, which all tribal members must obey. Individuals who diverge from the constitution must brought before the council for punishment.


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