Core Concepts Underpinning Primerica’s Financial Offerings

Primerica pic
Image: primerica

Based in Alexandria, Louisiana, Andre Dobison serves as regional vice president of Primerica, a company that he joined more than three decades ago. Andre Dobison was attracted by the promise of being able to work exactly as many hours as he chose and by the opportunity to assist families in gaining financial independence and becoming debt-free.

Primerica operates by a number of distinct concepts, including the “High Cost of Waiting,” which emphasizes the necessity of putting away significant savings each month in order to attain long-term retirement savings goals.

The “Theory of Decreasing Responsibility” involves the premise that family responsibilities and life insurance needs peak at the same time. During the years when children are young and mortgage payments present a heavy burden, many families have not yet accumulated large savings. For this reason, a sudden illness, accident, or injury can have a major financial impact. The moment when funds are tight and the family is young is exactly when insurance coverage is needed the most.

The Primerica website at explores other core concepts, including the “Rule of 72” and “Power of Compound Interest.”


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