Red Cross Disaster Relief Techniques

Red Cross pic
Red Cross

One of the many ways Andre Dobison gives back to his community is through donations to local and national charitable organizations. A frequent supporter of the Red Cross, Andre Dobison primarily gives clothing and food to the national relief organization.

One of the largest programs the American Red Cross operates is its disaster relief initiative, which responds to tens of thousands of natural disasters each year. Some of the most common disasters are fires, storms, and transportation accidents. It uses mobile response vehicles, also called ERVs, to move food and supplies swiftly through areas affected by disasters and immediately provide support to those most in need.

For those displaced by disasters, the Red Cross also operates overnight shelters that give temporary residents hot meals and other forms of disaster support. Some forms of relief are smaller, such as basic toiletries and tools to help clean up disaster areas. All disaster relief assistance from the Red Cross is free and made available through the support of volunteers and donors.


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