About Andre Dobison

3a65977An entrepreneur and independent insurance sales executive with more than two decades of experience in his field, Andre Dobison currently serves as a Regional Vice President of Primerica in Alexandria, Louisiana. Commanding a highly diversified professional background, Andre Dobison entered the financial services industry in 1985 following a period as an employee of a local warehouse. Upon hearing about opportunities available through Primerica, Mr. Dobison joined the company as an independent contractor and Registered Representative, in which capacity he sells a wide range of financial and insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses throughout his territory. Since that time, Andre Dobison has ascended to his current rank in his practice, and he helps clients of all dispositions manage their finances and prepare for the future.

At Primerica, Andre Dobison contributes to the ongoing success of a multifaceted organization with substantial interests in the areas of life insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities, and debt management, along with loans, mortgages, legal services, and more. Owing to the performance of Mr. Dobison and other hardworking representatives, Primerica maintains more than $656 billion in life insurance policies for over 4.3 million people and in excess of $35 billion in Primerica investment accounts. Emphasizing the value of financial independence for representatives and clients alike, Andre Dobison and his colleagues at Primerica strive for a fiscally responsible, secure, and self-reliant America. Aside from his work at Primerica, Mr. Dobison plays a key role in his local business community, serving as a member of the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria. To read more about Andre Dobison and the services he provides through Primerica, please visit the website http://www.primerica.com/adobison.


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