The Avoyel-Taensa Tribe-Nation of Louisiana

Andre Dobison is a well-established insurance advisor, serving Primerica as the regional vice president for Alexandria, Louisiana. Andre Dobison works from a sizable portfolio of companies to arrive at the best possible policies for clients. For his efforts he receives a vacation trip every six months and has won the Financial Independent Council Award.

Dobison’s heritage includes membership in the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe-Nation of Louisiana, a group of Native Americans who first had contact with Europeans in 1699. Governing the tribe now is a constitution that advocates respect for the environment, protection of individual rights, and enhancement of educational offerings.

The tribe celebrates its culture with an annual one-day fall festival. At a recent gathering, after an opening prayer, tribal leaders and a guest speaker lectured on topics of importance, including the future of the tribe, as well as its history. One speaker wore traditional clothing as an illustration of tribal traditions. Several shops offered Native American-themed apparel and other gifts.


An Introduction to Term Life Insurance

As a regional vice president of Primerica, Andre Dobison oversees the distribution and marketing of the firm’s insurance and financial products. Andre Dobison maintains an in-depth knowledge of Primerica’s term life insurance and other coverage options.

By definition, term life insurance provides benefits to the survivors of a policyholder, assuming that the policyholder passes way within a particular period of time. The policy offers no benefits after its expiration date, although the owner may elect to renew the coverage when the policy expires. Some policies must be renewed on an annual basis, while others are valid for a multi-year period.

Annually renewable term policies are the most affordable kind of insurance at the beginning, but they may carry premium increases concurrent with the policyholder’s advancing age. This type of coverage is most appealing to those who anticipate a higher future income. Many with annual term policies use this coverage to protect their families should they pass on at a younger age, while saving in other ways for death at a later age. By contrast, level-premium term coverage protects the policyholder for a specified period and never increases in cost, regardless of the policyholder’s choice to renew. This is also a popular choice with those looking to increase their savings, but tends to be a more conservative option for those who cannot predict future income.

Andre Dobison: the Constitution of the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe/Nation of Louisiana

Louisiana insurance executive Andre Dobison follows and believes in the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe’s constitution.

Based in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe traces its origins back to ancient mound builders in the area now occupied by the town of Marksville. The tribe made contact with Europeans around 1700, and it appears regularly in European exploration accounts throughout the 18th century.

Today, the tribe has adopted a constitution to better serve its members. In its preamble, the constitution states ten goals:

1. To promote the tribe’s common good

2. To protect the tribe’s traditions and culture

3. To protect the tribe’s natural resources

4. To promote the welfare and health of the tribe’s people

5. To encourage the education of tribe members

6. To facilitate economic development

7. To protect its members’ rights as individuals

8. To acquire additional land to benefit the tribe

9. To maintain the tribe’s political integrity

10. To preserve, exercise, and secure the sovereign rights of an Indian tribe

For more information on the Avoyel-Taensa Tribe and its constitution, visit

Andre Dobison: The Life of St. Martin de Porres

As regional vice president for the Alexandria, Louisiana, branch of Primerica, Andre Dobison assists people with their insurance needs. In charitable matters, Dobison supports non-profit organizations dedicated to St. Martin de Porres.

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1579, St. Martin de Porres is recognized as the patron saint of barbers. The son of Spanish and Panamanian parents, St. Martin entered the Dominican Convent of the Holy Rosary at the age of 15. As a servant, he accepted any tasks given to him, including farm laborer, almoner, and barber. Over time, St. Martin de Porres earned a great reputation as a doctor and surgeon. He successfully treated people dealing with a variety of disorders and brought emotional peace to the ailing. Also interested in animal welfare, he established an animal hospital at his sister’s house.

In addition, myths began to form around him. People claimed to have seen St. Martin de Porres as far as Mexico and Japan despite him never having left the convent in Peru. The Legend of the Rats featured St. Martin successfully clearing the convent of rats by warning them that they were going to be poisoned and agreeing to feed them in the garden if they stopped bothering the inhabitants.

The Theory of Decreasing Responsibility

Andre Dobison, a representative for the insurance company Primerica, explains the theory of decreasing responsibility and how it affects a person’s need for a life insurance policy. Andre Dobison has been working with Primerica since 1985 with the mission of helping families become financially independent and debt free.

Simply put, the theory of decreasing responsibility means that breadwinners of young families have the most responsibility to their children and spouses, but as children grow older, these financial responsibilities decrease. The need for life insurance peaks along with these family responsibilities.

For a younger person, less time has passed to accrue savings and wealth, and the likelihood of having large debts, such as a mortgage payment, is higher than for older people. To responsibly protect loved ones, it is important to have a life insurance policy at this crucial time when the death of the primary earner in the family would have serious consequences. As the family ages, the need for this type of insurance lessens as personal wealth and resources typically increase.

Debt Stacking and Financial Freedom, By Andre Dobison

Debt stacking, or making regular and consistent contributions to a group of debts, is an effective approach to eliminating your debt. The practice is most successful when you are frugal and avoid accruing additional debt.

To begin debt stacking, you first order your debts from the lowest balance to the highest, with the aim to pay off the lowest debt first. Decide how much money you will use to pay debts each month. Pay the minimum amount due on each debt, but use the remainder to pay down your lowest debt as much as you can. Once the lowest debt has been paid off, do not change the monthly amount you use to pay your debts. Instead, target the amount you were using to pay off the first debt toward your next lowest debt. When that second debt is paid off, then repeat the process until all your debts are paid off.

About the Author:

Andre Dobison has been a Primerica Representative for 27 years. He is committed to helping families become debt free and financially independent.

“Recreational Fishing in the Pelican State,” by Andre Dobison

While Louisiana may be known for its thriving commercial fishing and shrimping operations, you cannot discount the state’s recreational fishing options. Recreational angler Andre Dobison claims residents and visitors will find freshwater fishing just as viable as their saltwater options.

The Pelican State offers hundreds of legitimate fishing holes and a variety of species for anglers. The most popular fish pulled out of the state’s waters include a variety of bass, bowfin, carp, catfish, and redear sunfish. Licenses are required in order to drop your line in Louisiana and range in price from $2.50 for cane pole fishing to $100 for a Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License.

If you are looking for a public freshwater fishing ramp, the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries maintains a list, sorted by parish, on its website, The site also provides more information on licensure, size limits, records, and more.

Andre Dobison is a resident of Louisiana and Regional Vice President of Primerica Financial, a national life insurance company.