Programs at St. Mary Assumption Church

St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport, Louisiana Image:
St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport, Louisiana


Financial professional Andre Dobison serves as the regional vice president for Primerica Insurance in Alexandria, Louisiana. A member of the local Avoyel-Taensa Tribe/Nation, Andre Dobison belongs to St. Mary Assumption Church and its St. Martin de Porres group.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since the building’s hundredth-year anniversary in 1989, St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport, Louisiana, offers its parishioners a variety of youth and adult programs. The church welcomes newcomers as well and invites them to join any of its programs or events.

St. Mary Assumption Church’s adult and youth choirs require regular practice attendance, but other programs, such as the youth groups and prayer groups, will take drop-in members. Active organizations at the church include the Knights of Columbus’ St. Martin de Porres and Catholic Daughters of America. The church also offers a regular CCD program for education in the faith.

Other events take place at St. Mary Assumption Church throughout the year. These range from parish suppers and church fairs to Vacation Bible School. Church members also volunteer their time to distribute clothing and food to those in need.


Andre Dobison: The Life of St. Martin de Porres

As regional vice president for the Alexandria, Louisiana, branch of Primerica, Andre Dobison assists people with their insurance needs. In charitable matters, Dobison supports non-profit organizations dedicated to St. Martin de Porres.

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1579, St. Martin de Porres is recognized as the patron saint of barbers. The son of Spanish and Panamanian parents, St. Martin entered the Dominican Convent of the Holy Rosary at the age of 15. As a servant, he accepted any tasks given to him, including farm laborer, almoner, and barber. Over time, St. Martin de Porres earned a great reputation as a doctor and surgeon. He successfully treated people dealing with a variety of disorders and brought emotional peace to the ailing. Also interested in animal welfare, he established an animal hospital at his sister’s house.

In addition, myths began to form around him. People claimed to have seen St. Martin de Porres as far as Mexico and Japan despite him never having left the convent in Peru. The Legend of the Rats featured St. Martin successfully clearing the convent of rats by warning them that they were going to be poisoned and agreeing to feed them in the garden if they stopped bothering the inhabitants.